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Jenkins.NET Breaking the build

This post is part of a series:

  1. Jenkins.NET
  2. Jenkins.NET Plugins
  3. Setup Jenkins.NET
  4. Setting up your first job
  5. Your first build
  6. Breaking the build
  7. Diagnosing and fixing a broken build
  8. Monitoring your build
  9. Running your tests
  10. Code Analysis
  11. Security
  12. Active Directory Security

Lets break the build to see how Jenkins reacts. I’ll add a DLL to the project then “forget” to add it to source control; unfortunately I see this problem a lot when new developers join the team.

I see red projects

As you can see Jenkins now shows a red ball next to the Demo project. Also notice the slightly cloudy weather icon indicating all is not well with our project.

How’s the weather?

Jenkins uses a weather metaphor to show at a glance how a project is doing.

No recent builds failed
1 out of the last 5 builds failed
2 out of the last 5 builds failed
3 out of the last 5 builds failed
4 out of the last 5 builds failed
5 out of the last 5 builds failed (Yeah I know the icon is no different to 4, go figure.)

«««< HEAD

======= »»»> breaking the build Obviously we want our projects to stay sunny and avoid the bad weather so next time we’ll discuss how to diagnose and fix a broken build.