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Resharper format settings

I can never remember these so thought it best to write them down. Start with the settings from:


Plus a few extras…

Go to menu Resharper –> Options –> Languages –> C# –> Formatting Style

  • Braces Layout –> All set to (BSD style)

  • Braces Layout –> Empty braces formatting = Together on the same lineimage

  • Blank lines – I don’t like a lot of blank lines so I set mostly to 1/0image

Other –> Align Multiline Constructs – Call arguments = Off

Other –> Align Multiline Constructs – Expression = Offimage

Other –> Other – Indent array, object and collection initializer block = Offimage


Stop Resharper adding regions to interface implementations and nested classes:

Go to menu: Resharper –> Options –> Languages –> C# –> Type Members Layout

Un-tick Use Default Patterns and you get a text area full of xml. Scroll to the bottom and delete the section:


Also delete the section:


Finally click Ok.

Code Cleanup

Go to menu Resharper –> Options –> Tools –> Code Cleanup

Add a new profile with the following settings:


I didn’t realise I had fiddled with the default settings so much no wonder I can never remember them.