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developwithpassion.bdd - notes

A few notes I’ve compiled while starting to play with JP Boodhoo’s BDD framework (http://github.com/developwithpassion). At first sight the syntax looks quite alien but try it for a while you eyes soon adjust.

JP blog posts

Base classes

  • observations_for_a_static_sut – For testing a static class or a quick inline test

  • observations_for_a_sut_with_a_contract – For testing against the interface of a class

    • sut is automatically created

    • No more broken test when you add a new dependency to a class! YAY

    • Automatic creation of sut can be over ridden

  • observations_for_a_sut_without_a_contract – For testing against a concrete class

Delegate call order

  • context

    • Can define a context block in the concerns base class which will be run before a context block in the inheriting class

    • Can call method provide_a_basic_sut_constructor_argument

  • after_sut_has_been_initialized

  • because

  • it

  • after_each_observation


When you want to test spec? for an exception use the doing method:

because b = () =>
doing(() => sut.MethodWhichThrows());

it should_throw_exception = () =>
exception_thrown_by_the_sut.Message.should_contain(“MY EXCEPTION”);