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SAP Enterprise Portal - Automated Functional Testing - Part 6 of ...

Time for some more tips. I had a comment on my last post asking how to navigate around the portal so lets start there.

TOP TIP - How to navigate the portal
So how do you navigate around the portal using the menu? Simple you don’t! I found there are lots of problems using the portal menus due to the number of frames used so I simply jump directly to the URL of the PAR file I am testing. Here is a typical test:
`def test_typical
# My Helper method which logs in using the given user id and password
logon(“myuserid”, “mypassword”)

Go directly to the URL of the PAR I want to test


do tests here

Ok that’s fine but how do you find the direct URL of the PAR file you want to test? Ahh thats were my next top tip comes in.

TOP TIP - How to find the direct URL of a PAR file
Open up the SAP Netweaver Developer Studio

Open your project

Open the file:
MyPortalProject dist PORTAL-INF Portalapp.xml
You should now see a “Run…” button for each portal component in your project

Click the “Run…” button and the dev studio will open up a new browser window with the URL of your PAR file. Now simply use this URL in your test scripts.

Short and sweet but at least I’m posting more often. Next time… You guessed it more top tips!