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Castle Monorail – Moving from Beta5 to latest build

I’ve decided to move my “toy” MonoRail project from the Beta 5 version to the latest build so I can have a play with the new features. Mostly Formhelper!

Moving to the latest build broke a few things in my solution:

The Build

Nunit framework

My web test project was using Nunit version Which is used by Castle.MonoRail.TestSupport I believe although don’t quote me on that I could be wrong. Any who it now requires the latest version of the nunit.framework.dll ( I change the reference and all was well.

DataBindAttribute Next up was the DataBindAttribute which appears to have changs slightly. I did have:

public void LoginSubmit([DataBind(Prefix = "student")] Student student)

It appears the Prefix parameter is now explicit, a simple change:

public void LoginSubmit([DataBind("student")] Student student)

The Tests

Ok now my solution builds but all of my ActiveRecord unit tests fail. I get the following error:

TestFixture failed: You can't invoke ActiveRecordStarter.Initialize more than once

Turns out to be a problem in the InitFramework method of my AbstractModelTestCase class. Initalialze is being called twice:

`protected virtual void InitFramework() { IConfigurationSource source = ConfigurationManager.GetSection(“activerecord”) as IConfigurationSource;


ActiveRecordStarter.Initialize( source, typeof(Student), typeof(LoginAudit) ); }`

I guess there is now no need for the first ActiveRecordStarter.Initialize(source); call so I remove it and all is well!

The Run

Ok now my solution builds and passes the test but all is not well at run time I get the following error:

Looks like you forgot to register the http module Castle.MonoRail.Framework.EngineContextModule Add '<add name="monorail" type="Castle.MonoRail.Framework.EngineContextModule, Castle.MonoRail.Framework" />' to the <httpModules> section on your web.config

This is a breaking change mentioned in the release notes and you must update your web.config. But don’t get your httpModules and your httpHandlers mixed up as I did. Simply add the httpModules to your web.config:


</system.web> `

The End

That’s it we’re down! Now I get to play with the latest version.