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Ruby iteractive debugging

Buggy code, me? Never! If you have a problem with buggy code though your in luck ruby has a debugger baked in:

Simply run ruby with the debug flag:

ruby –r debug test.rb


list - List the source code, pass in a number range to filter the list. For example to list the lines 1 to 9:

list 1-9

b – Set a break point, pass a line number to break on. For example to break on line 7:

b 7

c – Continue program until breakpoint or end of program

disp – Display the contents of a variable. For example to see the contents of the look_at_me variable:

display look_at_me

watch – Set a watchpoint on a variable. For example to break when the variable meaning_of_life equals 42:

watch meaning_of_life=42

del – Delete a breakpoint or watchpoint. For example to delete the first breakpoint we created:

del 1